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And for the last 20 years, this situation hasn’t changed
57% do not trust advertising
40% occupy a neutral position
of People Trust Advertising
The most reliable advertising is the advice of people we know and trust
of respondents said that they trust relatives and friends’ recommendations and listen to feedback posted online

trust online reviews and recommendations
ABSOLUTIV helps brands to turn their loyal customers into influencers who not only love the brand, but are also ready to tell their family and friends about it on social networks.
We increase the number of customers’ reviews of your product on social networks
Thanks for the high rating!

The Client rates a product or
a brand after the purchase
is completed
If the customer has chosen a
high rating, we invite them to do
a post-review on social media.
For example, we give them the opportunity to tell why
they like our company


In return we offer a bonus:
discount, a promo code,
points on the gift card etc.

ABSOLUTIV moderate it.
We check that: the recommended post matches the format, The Customers’s account isn’t fake, they have friends and followers etc.
ABSOLUTIV collects and analyzes all stats, calculates reach, comments and other marketing metrics.

We send a bonus to
The Client-Influencer

- Personal photo with the product
- Product in branded packaging
- Unpacking
- Hash tag, brand or location tag
- Feedback on a positive experience

We ask to make a specific format post, for example:

How it works?
How often do you meet with one-time customers? They almost never return to us after the first purchase. A completely different option is when the client starts to describe the advantages of their new purchase and tell all their friends about it. They create additional value for the product.

The customer starts to believe in your brand more and more.
A person begins to act as a brand advocate, which automatically increases their loyalty and LTV! And they are ready to return to your product and services again and again.

What is more, each brand advocate is able to bring dozens of new customers to you without additional investments in marketing.

Increase LTV
The brand community on social media consists of loyal customers. The community gives the brand value in the form of loyal ambassadors who are ready to tell their friends, subscribers, and most importantly, their inner circle of friends about your company. We provide a tool for growing your own community - a community of Loyal Customers.

Community members create an online footprint for the brand in the form of sincere posts on social networks. The more sincere mentions a brand gets the more loyalty it has.

Brand Community Growth
Modern brands are obliged to take care of the customer loyalty index (CLI) on social networks and brand reputation in the media. Unfortunately, even the best company on the planet faces negative comments on social media. Brands have already learned how to deal with negative mentions and reviews, but almost no one is engaged in the cultivation of positivity and loyalty.
With the help of the ABSOLUTIV service, brands grow positive mentions on social networks, thereby increasing the CLI. We give you a tool that allows you to manage the loyalty index.
Increase in Customer Loyalty Index

similar interests and consumption patterns

the same purchasing power

same geography
Friends from the person's close circle trust your customer’s opinion. So then they’ll see the recommendation post of your loyal client and will want to buy your product or use your services.
At the same time, this target audience is very similar in profile to your loyal customer and they have:
Increase Sales
What does the brand get?
Post Examples
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